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Stylish pixie hairstyle for thin hair

Stylish pixie hairstyle for thin hair

Hairstyles For Fine Thin Hair That Look Fabulous

Most people think of thick hair as luxurious. Thin, fine hair is often seen as limp and unable to hold any particular style. But it is actually versatile and can be made to look most any way a person wants. It is simply a matter of getting the right cut and a few tricks to keep it looking its best.

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Fabulous Hairstyles For Fine Thin Hair

Choppy layers, along with darkened roots and a light hair color give a contrast and look of fullness that transforms the hair into looking like it is thick and luxurious. Another take on that is to go with a medium length and making the ends choppy and blunt.

Like all things, hair styles come and go and come again. A Bob cut that was classic to the 90’s is again in fashion. This gives fine thin hair heavy volume and works well with thin locks. Another version of this is a bob that is layered. Even those suffering from thinning hair are likely to find this cut works well to give a great look.

A wavy bob that is shoulder length is a youthful look and whimsical. To boost volume all someone need do is use a curling iron to make some light waves. The Messy Bob cut with choppy edges is another nice choice for hair that is thin and fine.

Tricks To Keep Hairstyles For Fine Thin Hair Looking Their Best

Anyone with thick or curly hair can skip washing their hair daily but with anyone who has thin, fine hair it is important they wash it every day. Because this type of hair needs to be washed more often it is necessary to take care of its health and not dry it out. On the other hand fine hair that is the slightest bit oily looks dirty and in need of a wash.

Conditioner can help hair shine but it is important to understand it is often oily and can weigh fine hair down. For this reason, it is important to not get conditioner on the root of fine hair. Use it sparingly and only on the middle area of the hair. It is important that after washing the hair it is dried completely before going to bed. Thicker hair is more resilient but thin hair looses its shape.

Use a hair dryer instead of letting it air dry. Using a dryer and brushing out the hair completely immediately afterward will leave it fuller than if the hair is left to dry on its own. Fine hair can not handle having too much product on it. If too much is applied it will simply get weighed down.

Plastic combs should not be used after drying fine hair. The plastic can cause the hair to build up static and lead to frizzing. Using a metal comb or metal brush can eliminate this issue. The metal conducts electricity and will not create static.

Thin, fine hair can be made to look genuinely fabulous. It is simply a matter of knowing how. Follow the styles and tips given here to get that perfect look.

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