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10 crazy and unusual wedding ideas

In addition to the traditional wedding customs, there are already some recent trends such as photo box, Candy Bar & Co, which have established themselves in the wedding industry and are a must-have for many bridal couples. However, if you want to give the big day a personal touch with unusual and rather unusual wedding ideas, we have created a very special collection for you.

1. wedding pins

This “American” custom of smashing a piñata is mainly used in Latin America, North America and now even in Europe at various festivals. Recently he is seen more and more often at weddings. Namely, when the bride and groom do not cut across the wedding cake together, but blindfolded destroys a wedding cake pinata. The whole thing begins as a fun wedding game and ends with a huge rejoicing when the colorful sweets pour on the floor. A true wedding fun!

2. Grannies as a flower girl

Who says the flower girl always only needs to be a child? Especially if there are not many children in the family and friends circle. Ask your grandmothers and great-aunts, if you distribute the petals on the church aisle. This is a nice idea and will definitely make you laugh.

3. Cheese wedding cake

There are supposed to be people who are not so sweet. We found exactly the right wedding cake for them. Good as an alternative midnight snack.

4. Foodtruck instead of 4-course menu

Street food markets are all the rage , so food truck providers are a growing community. Find yourself a location where this is allowed or maybe has its own car, making for the coolest outdoor wedding ever. Here is a list of Foodtruckers in Austria .

5. DIY Caketopper

Cake figurines made of porcelain and lettering are a thing of the past. That’s even more creative!

6. White Henna

White henna tattoos that look like lace, that’s the new bodypainting trend. Breathtaking and magical especially in the summer with tanned skin and white lace dress.

7. Gupl Blossom Wedding Cake

A very original and much cheaper alternative to the traditional wedding cake – ideal for all cake lovers. Get cool Guplhupf shapes and let Omi help you bake.

8. Animal ring bearer

Nobody says that you can not celebrate the best day of your life with your favorite four-legged friend. If you visit a dog school before, you can train him for the role of the ring bearer.

9. Lego table plan

Countless great ideas can be found for the design of the table. We have never seen anything like this before: a Lego table plan. The large building board and the different figures are available on Amazon. Lego is not cheap and finding the right stones could be a bit of a hassle, but this idea is even funnier. Imagine having fun when your guests have to find their Lego figure to find their place. Incidentally, there are also Lego and Playmobil bridal couples.

10. The slightly different midnight snack

This is something different than goulash soup or sandwiches and packed so nicely, it is guaranteed to be a topic of conversation.

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